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Petco Park became one of San Diego's top concert venues the moment the Rolling Stones took the stage in 2005. It is conveniently located in downtown San Diego with plenty of parking and public transportation. The ballpark seating and field offer a spacious outdoor capacity with flexible configurations to accommodate concerts of all sizes—from smaller acts on the Sycuan Stage to 40,000+ capacity arena-level shows. And Petco Park has ample and well-maintained facilities and amenities, including suites, restrooms and concessions. Add in the perfect weather and it's hard to conceive a better concert venue than Petco Park in San Diego. Music of all kinds regularly fills the ballpark (view events calendar), from Madonna to McCartney to Metallica, Taylor Swift, The Eagles and Billy Joel. Punk, ska, country, hip hop, electronic, and metal, orchestras, local bands and even high school bands have performed concerts at Petco.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert at Petco Park

Global Stadium Tour comes to Petco Park July 27, 2022

Wild Horses San Diego

Ryan Bingham, Whitey Morgan, Paul Cauthen, Jamestown Revival, White Buffalo, Nikki Lane, Bones Ownes, Riddy Arman, Jackson+Sellers, The Silent Comedy

Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday

Concert scheduled for October 2021 at Petco Park

Events & Concert Calendar at Petco Park 2021/2022

Comprehensive calendar of upcoming events and concerts at Petco Park in San Diego, California.

Playboi Carti concert in San Diego 2021

Playboi Carti Narcissist Tour is coming to San Diego, CA

KAABOO festival punts to 2022

KAABOO San Diego has been postponed, with a return planned for 2022

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