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Omni - recommended hotelFor anyone visiting San Diego, the first question is simple: Do you want to stay downtown near the stadium or in a vacation rental near the beach? There are definitely pros to both, and cons to neither. It's a great benefit to be able to walk to the baseball game and everything nearby. But it's also a tragedy to come all the way to San Diego and stop just a few miles short of the beach.

Hotels Closest To Padres Stadium

When looking for hotel rooms near Petco Park, you aren't going to do much better than the Omni Hotel. Its beautiful, tall, and luxuriously appointed and it's right next to Petco Park. The rooms are large and modern and it is a favorite of travelers to San Diego, baseball fans or not. How close is the Omni? Well you could definitely call it walking distance... the 511-unit hotel has its own entrance to the ballpark—it's attached to the stadium, connected by a suspension sky bridge. San Diego Padres owner John Moores is one of the hotel owners.

Our Picks: The best hotels near Petco Park

All of these hotels are located within a wild pitch of homeplate:

Cheap hotels near Petco Park San Diego

No one will think you're cheap for choosing the most inexpensive accommodations. Baseball games cost a lot of money. Staying at an affordable hotel will free your budget to be spent where it matters... on $7 sodas at the ballpark!

  • Cheapest hotel near Petco Park. Safe, clean, simple, cheap and walking distance. A good value - Comfort Inn Gaslamp - best rate!
  • If you don't mind not being right next to the ballpark and want to save money, you'll find the cheapest discount accomodations if you stay a little further away, just outside downtown. This is also the family-friendly recommendation if you are traveling with kids and don't want to stay downtown. We recommend staying around the Old Town and Mission Valley / Hotel Circle neighborhoods where there are restaurants, shopping and plenty of affordable hotels.
  • For a budget accommodation, particularly for younger travelers, consider Gaslamp Hostel. The hostel is located about 10 minutes from the stadium (5-6 blocks). Reviews praise clean rooms and friendly service. Check availability & rates.

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