Best Food To Eat At Petco Park?

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What To Eat

Concession stand food is a pricey investment and Petco Park is no exception. Eating at the ballpark is not for the faint of heart (or thin of bank account). Where Petco Park shines is in selection. You would need season tickets to try every single delicious offering inside the stadium. Each level is gemmed with ballpark classics. gourmet delicacies and recreations of local San Diego neighborhood favorites.

Here are our recommendations for the best food you must try at Petco Park. (View all food & drink vendors.)

Signature Items

When you’re in Petco Park in San Diego, California, let your belly know it with these only-at-Petco signature food items.
  1. Padres hot dog aka Friar Frank (after all, its a baseball game) – now with meat by local Tarantino Gourmet Sausage company. For the more adventurous, seek out a local TJ-style Barrio Dogg (Sect 204)
  2. Tri-tip Nachos at Seaside Market. Made with what San Diegans know as “Cardiff Crack,” a nod to the location of the original Seaside Market (Cardiff, CA, 25 miles north of Petco Park stadium) and to the highly addictive crystal rock form of cocaine. The tender marinated Tri-Tip is also available in sandwich format on brioche bun with housemade BBQ sauce if that’s your thing.
  3. Gaglione Bros’ authentic Philly Cheesesteak and Garlic Fries
  4. Board & Brew “Turkado” sammich
  5. The new Hot Hen from San Diego’s Finest
  6. Grand Ole BBQ cheese fries with pulled pork
  7. Queso birria (or any) taco from Puesto
  8. Is beer food? Here’s the 9 essential beers to drink at Petco Park.
  9. ________*
    *Always room for a new contender. So tell us what is your favorite

Sweet Treats

Nine innings is a long time. Sugar up your sweet tooth with these must-eat ice creams, cookies and other desserts for kids of all ages.
  • Cravory Cookies – the best cookies, based in Point Loma
  • Mister Softee Ice cream in a helmet – a timeless classic
  • Holy Paleta popcicles
  • Dippin Dots, available at Lane Field Lemonade (Sections 102, 115, 122, 125, 133, 208, 213, 302, 309, 323
  • An’s Gelato – new this season, definitely worth a try!
  • Cracker Jacks – Yes Cracker Jacks. A survivor from the 1800s, our culture’s very first junk food. Kids love them, and where else but a baseball game do we ever eat them (and sing about them)?

If you’ve got time before or after the game, here are the best places to eat around the ballpark. Also make sure you know everything you can bring in to the stadium from outside.

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