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The cliche that there are no bad seats for baseball games at Petco Park may actually true. There is a seat for everyone. Get you self oriented so you can find the seat and section that is ideal for you and your companions.
Petco Park Padres Seating Chart

San Diego Padres Detailed Seating Chart

The seating map at the Padres ballpark is comfortable with great views of San Diego and the baseball game whether you spend $25 or $250 for your tickets. If you are unfamiliar with a stadium, it can take a minute to orient yourself to the layout of numbers. Even numbers, odd numbers, rows, sections. Read on to unlock the mystery:

Level numbers:  Field Level/1st Level is any section in the 100s. The 200 level is comprised of the Toyota Terrace and upper box outfield seats. 300 Level is the upper deck.
Section numbers:  Odd number sections are on the 1st base side & right field. Even, on the third base and left field.
Row numbers:  Section rows start at 1 (closest to the field) and radiate back consecutively.
Seat numbers:  In each section, Petco seat number 1 will be the closest to home plate. So, if you are sitting on the 1st base (right field) side, seat number 1 will be the leftmost. If seated on the 3rd base / left field side, seat number 1 will be the rightmost.

Entry Gates

View our Entrance Guide and Entrance Gate Map.


Which sections have netting / screen in front of the seats?


Take a look at the best available tickets.

The View From Your Seat

While the upper level rows in the outfield offer a great chance to enjoy the San Diego weather, if you want our opinion of the best Petco Park seating, get a ticket for seats in the field box infield, the dugout club, premier club, or, to save a little money, the upper level infield. For more information, here’s our guide on where to sit at Petco and the view from any section.

See the view from Gallagher Square where tickets are cheapest.

Accessibility / ADA Seating

The Padres have designated ADA compliant seats in Petco Park specifically for guests with disabilities. To purchase accessible seating please call the Padres ticketing team at 619.795.5555.

Seating Chart for Concerts

Petco Park stadium was built to be the home of San Diego Padres baseball, but it has taken on a life of its own among San Diego’s premier outdoor concert venues. It is in fact two venues in one:

  • Larger bands play directly on the field for full-stadium audiences
  • Smaller bands perform just behind the outfield wall on the Sycuan Stage in the park behind the park (Gallagher Square)

This seating chart is for concerts on the field at Petco Park. If your concert is in Gallagher Square, it is General Admission. Read our Gallagher Square Concert Guide for seating information and other essential details. Note: Gallagher Square is currently being renovated; future shows will have slightly altered (improved!) layouts and current shows are being moved over to the Petco Park field.

Petco Park Concert Seating Chart

Petco Park Concert Map with stage

Stage Layout

Traditionally, the concert stage is set in the back of outfield facing home plate. Checking the ticket sites for your upcoming concert to be sure is a smart idea.

Where To Sit For Concerts

Sound-wise, there are truly no bad seats for a concert at Petco Park and the state-of-the-art sound system is incredible. Closeness-to-stage versus elevation… the higher up you are the cheaper the seats but the more you have to rely on screens. The energy is 100% no matter where you sit. So, make a choice that feels right to you and you won’t regret it.

More Seating Resources

Click below for virtual seat views and interactive maps.

Virtual Seating View – For a cool virtual seating emulator, try the Virtual Venue. Also check out actual photos from fans in their seats, to help you decide which section is best (Which side, how high up, etc.) – Read more in our FAQ: What’s the view like from my section?

For daytime events, be sure to consider if your section is in the sun or shade. Especially in the summer.

View the Holiday Bowl Seating Chart for Football

View all Petco Park maps.

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