Padres Coupons and Ticket Discounts - 2021

We get it. Padres baseball is expensive. It’s a gathering of millionaires. It’s played on some of San Diego’s most expensive real estate. Someone’s gotta pay. But with the proper coupons and promos, that someone doesn’t have to be you. Here is info on current discounts and coupons for Seniors, Military and all Padres fans to help you save money and enjoy the game as cheaply as possible.

How much do Petco Park tickets cost?

Tickets to see the San Diego Padres cost as little as $20 and go up from there, with some seats selling for a price of more than $100.

Where can I find coupons for San Diego Padres tickets and admission?

There are no coupons at this time. However, prices vary depending on factors like day of the week and who the opponent is. You will save a few bucks by choosing a mid-week game against a less in-demand opponent. Conversely, you will pay maximum prices for weekend games against rivals and playoff contenders. You can also save a bit more buying in advance than waiting until the day of the game.

Do you have access to credits for Uber / Lyft?

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Senior Discounts

Seniors save $6.00 on Padres tickets. The discount, for Padres fans aged 60 and older is available for any regular season Padres home games (original value $14 or more). The discount does not apply to All-You-Can-Eat sections.

Military Discounts
Military (active duty, reservists, retirees, veterans) and families save 25% off any available tickets. Excludes Opening Day, Lexus Home Plate Club and other premium areas that include food. Discounted ticket can be purchased at the Petco Park ticket windows and MWR/ITT ticket offices. That discount doubles to 50% on all Sunday home games in the regular season.

Where are the coupons for food and concession deals?
There are no coupons at this time. But did you know you can bring in your own food?

Wait a minute, this page stinks. How am I supposed to save? Where are the Padres discounts?

OK here are some ways to save that you may not have known about:

What about PETCO pet store coupons?

If you are looking to save a few dimes on dinner for Fido or a squeaky toy at one of San Diego’s favorite pet store locations, try

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