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Is the view from these seats any good? Where is the best place to sit? With the high cost of ticket prices, it’s a valid concern. Especially if you’ve never seen the Padres play in San Diego, understanding the view from each section can be overwhelming. But this should offer you some relief. Almost every place to sit at Padres stadium offers a unique and enjoyable view of the action. There truly is no bad section at Petco Park.

Premium Seating

While there may be no bad section, there are some exceptional ones. If you are coming with a large group, these hospitality spaces are the way to go. Here are a few guidelines to help zero in on the best seats for you:
  • Best view: The best views at Petco come from seats near the dugout, Field Box or Premier Club sections. The lower your row number, the closer you will be to the action. As with any stadium, the infield sections between home plate and first base (odd-numbered sections), and between home plate and third base (even numbers), on the lower level, are considered the sections that offer the best perspective on the game.

  • Don’t be afraid of heights: Petco offers some of the closest-to-the-action upper decks in all of baseball. In addition to a beautiful birds-eye view of the game, you also enjoy tremendous, sweeping views of San Diego and the city skyline, as well as the luxury of saving a few bucks! Looking for value? Try 300 or 301 for the best bang for your buck.

  • Right Field gets more sun, which can be brutal if you are not prepared for it. Left field sections offer a better chance of shade but is underneath the main scoreboard, offering limited views of the action up there. More on sun vs shade. Also you may want to bring some water.

  • Most comfortable seats: Toyota Terrace.

  • Even more comfortable - For major seat-envy, read about the new Gallagher Chairman's Club

  • Catch a foul ball: Round ball, round bat, square hit… it’s science. Be prepared by reading up on the data-based best sections to catch a foul ball.

  • Best section for concerts: It depends and yet it doesn't. Closer sections will give you better views but even the furthest seat retains a sense of being there. It's as intimate as a stadium concert can get. At the same time, the field level sections are still not very close to the stage. If you choose floor seats (on the field), be ready to stand. In short: Just get the tickets, you won't regret it. More about concerts at Petco Park.

View Detailed Seating Chart

For a helpful ticket-buying tool, Vivid Seats displays tickets available for each game visually right on a seating chart. So at a glance, you are seeing price, view, value and seat location.

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