Public Transportation to Petco Park

How can you tell the smartest fans at the stadium? They are the ones arriving by public transportation. San Diego may not be a leader in public transportation options, but the city does offer many ways to get downtown to Petco Park.

For a cheap ride with a dependable schedule from just about anywhere in town, read about taking the bus.

From further north in the county, take the Coaster, a train that runs down the coast of Southern California.

By far the most popular way to get to Petco Park is to take the trolley service.

And the fastest, most efficient way—at least until the robot cars take over—is Lyft. Never used Lyft before? Save some dough on your first ride.

Now we are not done there. Remember this is San Diego we are talking about. Have you considered arriving by water? Read up on how to take Flagship’s Coronado ferry to Petco Park!

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