Can I bring food into the Petco Park?

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Is Outside Food Allowed in 2021?

Yes, as of August 6, 2021, the decision to ban outside food has been reversed. You are now allowed again to bring in outside food to San Diego Padres games.

Why This Is Good
Bringing in your own food is a great way to save a few bucks. It helps accommodate young children who may not be too keen on sharing your garlic fries. It can be more convenient than waiting in line at concession stands and a lot of fun to picnic in lawn seating. And it can be healthier to eat, especially if you are vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerant.

Why This Is Bad
It doesn’t have to be bad at all. But please don’t make a mess. Please don’t bring stinky tuna salad. Please do what you can to help the lines at the entrance gates moving as quickly as can be. This policy change shows the Padres are listening to the wants and needs of their exploding fanbase. So please adhere to the rules…

Outside Food Policy

Here are the rules for bringing in outside food to Padres games at Petco Park:
  • Food items must be for individual consumption only. (Don’t bring the Costco size bag of chicken breasts for your entire row)
  • Food items must be wrapped, bagged, or in a container, which must be soft-sided and comply with Petco Park bag policies.
  • Food that might be thrown (i.e., oranges, apples) must be sliced in advanced (and still must not be thrown)
  • Yes you can bring bottled water. See also: what else you are allowed to bring.

Like everything else in 2021, subject to change.

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