Are my seats in the sun or in the shade?

Call it “San Diego Problems” – while some Padres fans can’t wait to take off their shirt and bask in San Diego’s succulent rays of Vitamin D, others prefer to avoid the sun rather than roasting like a hot dog. Petco Park has some sections that get more shade than others, and in San Diego it is sunny almost every day, so here’s some help to know which places to sit if you are looking to avoid the sun or shade.

In The Shade

In general, the 3rd base side is your better bet if you are a Padres fan seeking shade. These will be the even-numbered sections. Seats in the 200 and 300 levels will be shadier than field level. And the further back you are in the section, the more likely you will be under the overhang and protected from the flame ball in the sky. Aim for the last 10 rows.

The best bet for the Padres tickets for seats in the shade: Toyota Terrace.

In The Sun

The sun is great but just remember that the sun can be brutal in the summer and unrelenting. Make sure you have a hat, sunglasses and double-digit SPF. The San Diego sun loves right field. Padres sections 129-137 and the upper level 227-235 (the odd numbered sections) as well as the right field upper deck are going to provide you with a nice rotisserie-style suntan. Be sure to bring water.

For early day games in particular, the Padres’ 1st base side gets hit hard. In the upper deck, the odd section numbers are more likely to be in the sun, particularly past the luxury tower (315-327) than than even numbered sections (316-328) . The lower row you are sitting in any section, the more likely you are to catch full sun exposure.

For orientation, home plate faces North. So the sun rises on the 1st base side (East) and sets on the left field, 3rd base side (West). Use this as a guide to establish the relative position of the sun throughout the day. The sunset time varies throughout the season. It sets at 7pm on opening day, 8pm at midseason, and as early as 6:30 by the time playoffs begin.

You can always stretch your legs and catch some rays (and some local brews) at the Craft Pier.

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