Places To Eat Near Petco Park

Downtown San Diego DiningLooking where to grab some dinner at a restaurant close to Petco Park before a Padres game? You will not be without options. There are literally hundreds of good restaurants in the downtown San Diego / Gaslamp area near Petco Park. Here is our guide to the top places to eat in, updated for the 2021 season. All restaurants are close to the stadium, most within 5 blocks walking. We also include some reliable resources and outside opinions — our inclination would be for you to arrive hungry and take advantage of the abundant Petco Park concessions, many of them are an outpost of iconic local dining institutions you’ll find throughout San Diego (Phil’s BBQ, Buona Forchetta, Hodad’s, Grand Ole BBQ, Barrio Dogg, Board & Brew, Seaside Market, Gaglione Brothers, etc.)

Again, for visitors looking for places to eat around the park, before or after a Padres game, we’ll leave that to the local restaurant experts below. But first a few opinions and some guidance of our own.


Neighborhood-wise, you are going to be in downtown San Diego, aka the Gaslamp (please don’t let anyone hear your dad call it Gaslight). Adjacent and exceptional is Little Italy, the cultural dining center of San Diego (second only to Mexican). And despite its name, Little Italy is home to much more that the outstanding Italian food you’ll find there. Little Italy has an incredible vibe on game day, throngs of Padres-faithful and out-of-towners mixing and mingling. Your must-visit best-bets in Little Italy include the fresh seafood at Ironside Fish, Crack Shack, Bottlecraft, Ballast Point, Nolita, Craft & Commerce, the Saturday Farmers Market, Pappaleccho gelato, Juniper & Ivy, Herb & Wood and its market, a sandwich from Mona Lisa, and a burger and a beer at the iconic Waterfront dive bar. Yes the list goes on, you can really not go wrong here.

Breakfast Restaurants

If you are in town for a day game, or just a breakfast person (it is the most important meal of the day), your options are plentiful. The spot to go is The Mission at 1250 J St. A not-distant second would be Gaslamp Breakfast Company, Breakfast Republic, Donut Bar or a breakfast burrito from pretty much anywhere – the closing being Lolita’s.

Sushi Restaurants

There are a lot of good sushi options in San Diego. If we limit ourselves to the immediate proximity around Petco Park, the choice would have to be Taka Sushi at 555 5th Avenue (which sounds like a fake address in a movie script) or of course the legendary Nobu at 207 5th. Another strong choice is Full Moon Sushi also on 5th.

Greek Food

The top restaurant for greek near Petco Park is Meze Greek Fusion at 345 6th Ave. Not specifically greek but more Middle Eastern,and incredibly delicious, grab a doner kebab from The Kebab Shop at 630 9th Ave.

Family / Kid-Friendly Places To Eat

If you’re coming to Petco Park with kids or babies, check out our tips for a fun family visit to Petco Park. Also you’ll want to come hungry because you’ll find the best eats inside the park. No kid deserves to be deprived of the all-American hot dog and cracker jack experience. Outside close by Petco Park, you can find The Old Spaghetti Factory (275 Fifth Ave), Ghiradelli Ice Cream on Fifth and Burger Lounge at 528 5th for the best fast-food burger in the area. You can also venture up to Crack Shack for fried chicken in Little Italy.

Mexican Restaurants

Did you know Petco Park is the closest baseball park to Mexico? That’s right, home plate is a short 15 mile home run away from the Mexican border. All other factors aside, if you are coming to San Diego your best choice for cuisine is going to be a Mexican restaurant. Unless you are coming to a game on Taco Tuesday.

For Mexican dining, consider Oscar’s at 927 J St., Blind Burro at 639 J St., Fuego at 744 Market St. or Lolita’s at 202 Park. Other amigos de tu estomago include La Puerta For the most authentic Mexican that’s close to Petco Park, check out Las Cuatro Milpas in Barrio Logan, or the more modern Salud.

Mexican should really be at the top of this list. Because it is so consistently excellent and pervasive, we forget what a treat the Mexican food is, especially if you are coming from out of town.

Casual Places To Eat

We can likely agree, a fancy romantic date and a baseball game are probably two separate evenings. On game day you are looking for a casual place that won’t sniff at your frayed Hoffman jersey and hat head. Your best bets in this category will be a nice slice of pizza from Basic (410 10th Ave.) or some tater tots and sports bar grub at Bub’s At The Ballpark (715 J Street). Although we have to say if you are going casual, why not just dine inside the stadium where you’ll find some of the best food in all of baseball?

Speaking of sports bars, if you’re on the liquid diet, see the best Padres bars to get a drink.

Cheap Restaurants

Those tickets ain’t cheap and neither is that foam finger. So who has any money left for a steak that costs an arm and a leg? Again we’ll direct you to Lolita’s for some affordable Mexican, The Kebab Shop for a lamb döner or a deli sangy from Lucky’s Lunch Counter.

The Best Restaurants

In addition to any of the great selections above, the top restaurants near Petco Park are: Rovino on Market St. for an authentic Italian market experience, Oceanaire Seafood Room (400 J St.), The Deck at Moonshine Flats at 335 6th Ave., Born & Raised, Cowboy Star, Fleming’s & Morton’s for steaks, Juniper & Ivy and Herb & Wood.

Local Experts Say…

Don’t take our word for it. We don’t get out much. Plus everyone’s tastes differ. As you research places to eat near Petco Park, check the dates. Insist on that coveted “2021” or at least 2020. Things really change that fast around here. On the bright side, only the best of the best survive.