Petco Park Tours

Are tours of Petco Park open to the public? Yes. Almost every day, multiple times per day, you can receive a guided tour of the San Diego Padres magnificent downtown stadium.

The schedule is as confusing as Phil Niekro knuckleball, but try your best to follow:

In general, there will be a tour of Petco Park every day at 10:30am and 12:30pm.

On Saturdays and days the Padres are not playing in town, there will be an additional Petco Park tour at 3pm. This includes away games, days off, and the offseason months.

Petco Park Tours on Padres Game Days

When the Padres are in town, the tour schedule bends to accommodate the fluctuating game times. For the last tour right before the Padres game, a ticket to the game is required. The earlier tours are open to the public with no game ticket required. If you have questions about tours, call 619-795-5000 or email

Each tour differs slightly, depending on what other activities are going on in the ballpark. Tours may include a visit to the premium lounges and luxury suites, Press Box, the dugout, bullpen, the historic Western Metal Supply building, among countless other memorable highlights.

The tour of Padres stadium lasts about an hour and a half, and covers 1.5 miles of the stadium! Its a great field trip for students, sports teams and other youth groups, seniors as well as corporate trips.

Tickets are $17, with discounts available for seniors, military, kids, season ticket holders and groups. Tours are rain or shine and wheelchair accessible.

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First-person reviews of what its like to tour Petco Park:

  • San Diego Blog
    A tour of Petco Park turned out to be an eye-opening, fun thing to do. I kind of like visiting Petco Park when nobody is around — no baseball players messing up the field, no fans standing around making a big racket and blocking the impressive vistas of beautiful San Diego all around the stadium.

  • Behind the Scenes
    With opening day being less then two weeks away, the Padres’ downtown San Diego Stadium, PETCO Park, is buzzing with excitement. Being PETCO’s next-door neighbor, all of us in the office are looking forward to baseball season.

  • Petco Park Tour

    I’ve spent the last week in San Diego visiting family, and while I was there I took in a tour of Petco Park. It proved to be a highly educational experience, especially when trying to look at the venue from the perspective of a team owner such as Lew Wolff.

  • Photos
    I have always thought Petco was a great ballpark, but now that we have taken a tour, all I can say is WOW!!

    We got to walk around the Western Metals building. We went on the field, and into the clubhouse. The players have it good.

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