Yellow Curb Parking Zones in San Diego Explained

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Yellow Curb in San DiegoPark smart! Can you park at a yellow painted curb in the city of San Diego, as well as white, green, blur and red colored curbs? What does each color mean? Here are the rules and which zones you can and can’t park so you don’t get a parking ticket:

Yellow Curb

Yellow-painted curbs are commercial loading zones. You are not allowed to park in spaces where the curb is painted with a yellow line during the day. But for night games and Sundays, yellow spots can be a gold mine. You are allowed to park in yellow spaces after 6pm and anytime on Sundays and holidays.

Blue Curb

Curbs painted blue indicate a parking zone for what San Diego calls “Disabled Person Parking” (or people driving disabled persons) only. Your car must have the placard displayed to park in a blue curb.

Green Curb

Green curbs designate a short-term time limit zone, usually 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 2 hours. These rules expire in the evenings, more information will be painted on the curb or posted on a sign nearby. You may park here on Sundays.

White Curb

White curbs are passenger loading zones. You may stop for three minutes at a curb lined in white paint (ten minutes if in front of a hotel.) No parking at white spaces ever.

Red Curb

Unlike yellow paint, there is no parking/no stopping at any time in a red zone, whether the vehicle is attended or not. Red means no.

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