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The San Diego Padres announced several amazing promotional giveaways for the 2024 season! Player bobbleheads, Padres hats, jerseys and more, free! Read more in our complete guide to 2024 promotions.

2024 Free Giveaways Calendar

  • Friday, March 29 vs San Francisco Giants – Opening Series Hat
  • Tuesday, April 2 vs St. Louis Cardinals – City Connect Poncho
  • Wednesday, April 10 vs Chicago Cubs – Manny Machado Home Run Bobblehead
  • Monday, April 29 vs Cincinnati Reds – Knit Beanie
  • Tuesday, May 14 vs Colorado Rockies – Joe Musgrove & Dog Theo Bobblehead
  • Tuesday, May 28 vs Miami Marlins – City Connect Belt Bag
  • Thursday, June 6 vs Arizona Diamondbacks – Xander Bogaerts Bobblehead
  • Tuesday, June 11 vs Oakland Athletics – Joe Musgrove Basketball Jersey
  • Thursday, June 20 vs Milwaukee Brewers – 619 Aloha Shirt
  • Sunday, June 23 vs Milwaukee Brewers – Kids Giveaway: Rookie Plush Pillow
  • Tuesday, June 25 vs Washington Nationals – Ha-Seong Kim Bobblehead
  • Wednesday, July 10 vs Seattle Mariners – ’84 Throwback Hat
  • Monday, August 12 vs Pittsburgh Pirates – Tony Gwynn Henley Jersey
  • Tuesday, August 20 vs Minnesota Twins – Manny Machado Collectible Pin
  • Thursday, August 22 vs New York Mets – Fernando Tatis Jr. City Connect Bucket Hat
  • Sunday, August 25 vs New York Mets – Kids Giveaway: Padres Tin Lunchbox
  • Wednesday, September 4 vs Detroit Tigers – City Connect Hoodie
  • Wednesday, September 18 vs Houston Astros – Fernando Tatis Jr. Platinum Glove Bobblehead

Kids Giveaways

Freebies for younglings as part of Padres Sunday Kidsfest series.
  • Sunday, June 23 vs Milwaukee Brewers – San Diego Rookie Plush Pillow
  • Sunday, August 25 vs New York Mets – San Diego Padres Tin Lunchbox

City Connect Giveaways

Celebrating the Padres City Connect uniforms
  • Tuesday, April 2 vs St. Louis Cardinals – City Connect Poncho
  • Tuesday, May 28 vs Miami Marlins – City Connect Belt Bag
  • Thursday, August 22 vs New York Mets – Fernando Tatis Jr. City Connect Bucket Hat
  • Wednesday, September 4 vs Detroit Tigers – City Connect Hoodie

Theme Games

Note the crucial difference between Theme Games and all-fan Giveaways.

See the full schedule with the best available tickets.

Give or Take

While you are waiting, get your San Diego Padres merch, including shirts, hats, jerseys, gifts and more!

What is a Giveaway

A baseball stadium promotional giveaway, often referred to as a stadium giveaway or a promotional item, is a marketing tactic commonly used by sports teams to attract fans to attend games and enhance the fan experience. It involves providing fans with free items or memorabilia that are distributed to attendees on specific game days.

These giveaways can vary widely in nature, ranging from small items such as keychains or magnets to more substantial items like bobblehead dolls, t-shirts, hats, or even commemorative items like replica jerseys or autographed memorabilia. The giveaways are typically branded with the team’s logo or feature a specific player or event.

The history of baseball stadium promotional giveaways dates back several decades. The concept gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s when teams started offering free items to increase attendance and fan engagement. The first known baseball stadium promotional giveaway is believed to be the “Bat Day“ organized by the Los Angeles Angels in 1961. Fans attending the game received a free miniature baseball bat.

As teams realized the positive impact these giveaways had on fan attendance and enthusiasm, the practice spread throughout Major League Baseball and other sports leagues. The items offered as giveaways have become increasingly diverse and creative over the years. Fans eagerly anticipate these promotions, often arriving early or purchasing tickets specifically for the games featuring coveted giveaways. The items given away can become collector’s items or memorabilia that fans cherish, enhancing the emotional connection between the team and its supporters.

Overall, baseball stadium promotional giveaways have become an integral part of the fan experience, fostering a festive atmosphere and generating lasting memories for attendees while promoting team loyalty and increasing engagement with the sport.

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