Western Metal Supply Co. Building

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Western Metal Building at Petco Park
The Western Metal Supply Co. building is iconic and dramatic, and provides an essential cornerstone of the character of Petco Park. It’s gorgeous brick presence serves as a metaphorical handshake between baseball’s past and future.

Western Metal Supply Building Fast Facts

  • Built in 1909
  • 51,400 sq. feet
  • 4 stories
  • Architect Henry Lord Gay
  • Declared a historic landmark in 1978


    The business that became the Western Metal Supply Company was established in 1888. The building was commissioned by brothers Bernard and George McKenzie at a cost of $60,000 according to the city. It stayed in the family more than 80 years until the company was sold and the new owners released it in bankruptcy in 1975.


    Instead of being demolished, the Western Metal Supply Co. building stands stoutly on the perimeter of the ball field inside Petco Park. In fact, the ball park was built around the building to accommodate it, designed from the building outward and even repositioned slightly toward the north (instead of the more common north-east).

    Its corner represents the left field foul pole at 336 feet from home plate. If you hit the east side of the building, that’s a home run. For more than a decade after the park’s opening, no one had hit the roof. Rookie Hunter Renfroe became the first hitting a 435-foot home run onto the rooftop, a 1-0 fastball in the 3rd inning of a September 2016 game against the Dodgers.

    What’s Inside The Western Metal Supply Building

    Padres Majestic Team Store
    Private suites
    The Loft restaurants & bar
    Rooftop seating

    What Is The Loft?

    The Loft is a restaurant / bar inside the Western Metal Supply Co. building, located on the 4th floor. Formerly known as “Padres Hall of Fame Bar & Grill,” The Loft is the largest indoor venue at Petco Park. Food includes hot dogs, sausages, nachos, a full bar, and beer sponsored by… you guessed it.. (no you probably didn’t)… Budweiser. The Loft is a very cool spot to check out whenever you visit the park. It is on the private Toyota Terrace level but openly accessible and welcoming to anyone in the park.

    The Rail seating

    The balconies attached the Loft are called “The Rail” and are compared to Petco Park’s version of Boston’s Green Monster seating. With a breathtaking view and unique perspective, the seats are comfortable and spacious. They feature in-seat bar and concession service.


    You don’t need tickets to enjoy the game from the Loft. In fact, for one of the best values in the park, purchase the cheapest ticket you can and then make your way to the Western Metal Supply Building. Tickets to The Rail can be purchased like any other seat; the ticket price varies based on demand, date, and quality of opponent. The Rail can also be bought out for groups and private events.

    Parties and group events

    The Western Metal Supply Building has views, distinctive character and a special energy giving groups a connection to the ballpark and city’s roots unlike any other area does. At 8,585 square feet, the rooftop’s capacity is ideal for groups of 30-300.

    The other building inside Petco Park is The Legend condominiums.

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