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Welcome to Petco Park

There's no better combination in major league baseball than San Diego and Petco Park. Sunny, quirky, historical and modern, the Padres baseball stadium is like a radiant emerald in the heart of downtown San Diego.

This independently operated site has been serving as a resource to fans of baseball new and old, local residents, visitors to southern California, and anyone with an interest in Petco Park, since 2004. Is there a Padres game today? Play ball!

What's New at Petco Park

What's New

Comfort Inn Gaslamp - Most Affordable Hotel

There’s no shame in going cheap on lodging. You’ve gotta be a high roller to get into the game anyway. Save your beer money and find an affordable place to stay.

Petco Park Beer Guide

Updating now for 2022, here’s our guide to the more than 30 breweries in and around Petco Park, featuring facts and tips for beer lovers visiting San Diego Padres games.

Petco Park Condos

If you want to earn the nickname The Legend among your sports buddies, you buy a condo in The Legend.

Best Section To Catch A Foul Ball

What is more exciting than a piece of the game itself reaching out and touching your hands.

The Complete Game: Nine Must-Drink Beers at Petco Park

Hey visiting team fans, don’t be a kook. Know your local brews!

San Diego's Finest Hot Chicken

Petco Park’s hottest food item of 2022? The Hot Hen. It’s got everything. Fresno chile slaw. Fuego Sauce. And of course chicken, fried crispy, seasoned, and served on a brioche bun.

MLB Ballpark App | Padres

To survive a day at Petco Park in 2022, you will need to download the MLB Ballpark App

Best places to sit at Petco Park

There truly is no bad section at Petco Park. It’s just a matter of what you like. Read this article to become an instant expert on the best seats to watch the Padres.

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