Best Section To Catch A Foul Ball

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Best Section To Catch A Foul Ball

The ultimate souvenir. Feel like the chosen one. The 10th man. You coulda been a contender. What is more exciting than a piece of the game itself reaching out and touching your hands. Here’s the best place to sit at Petco Park if you are hoping to catch a foul ball at a San Diego Padres game:
  • Field Level 108-114 These sections, 108, 110, 112 and 114, are on the 3rd base side (left field) where you will statistically more fouls land. .
  • Field Level 108-114 Behind 1st base in sections 107, 109, 111, 113, 115, you’ve got a great shot of catching a foul ball as well.
  • Toyota Terrace Infield, right behind the dugouts on the 2nd Level. Sections 207, 208, 209, 210. You know those tall towering foul balls that reach great height before hooking back and plopping into some lucky fan’s glove? This is the spot.

Note: Statistically, you are not going to get a foul ball in the upper deck.

Tip For Catching Foul Balls

Watch whether the batter on deck is a righty or lefty, so you can be ready. If it is a right-handed batter, the foul is more likely coming to the lower first base side. A left-handed batter more often fouls to the third-base side. If you are seated in those sections, get your glove ready!

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