What to wear to a Padres game

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What to wear

First of all, its hot. And sunny. And any scientist will tell you its only going to get hotter. So let’s start with a few basic questions: Are your seats in the sun or shade? Are you attending a day game or night? What’s the gameday weather forecast?

Hopefully that gives you a head-start on what to wear. Something not too sweaty. Night games may get a little chilly. Ideally bring or wear some layers to be sure you can dial in your comfort.

Speaking of what to bring, here’s a guide of what you can and cannot bring to Petco Park. Read it. Know it. You can bring suntan lotion. You can bring water.

Go Casual Or Go ‘Home’

San Diego is a pretty laid-back town. In fact its as casual as it gets. So if unsure what to wear, err on the side of comfort. After the game, all but the most fancy places downtown will let you in with a cap, shorts, and even a little mustard on your shirt.

Next, you’ll need some Padres merch. We recommend buying in advance so you can pick out something you really like.. and break it in a little bit. Shop for a Padres sweatshirts and more in our online store.

While its always best to support the home team, its a fact that San Diego is comprised largely of out-of-towners and transplants, as well as being one of the top vacation destinations in the country. So its not uncommon to see the colors of the visiting team well-represented. If you do choose to wear an out-of-town jersey, you might be subjected to a little friendly heckling but certainly no cause for concern. Just be prepared to hang your head in shame on occasions when the Padres triumph.

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