Petco Park Dimensions

What are the ballpark dimensions at Petco?

Right Field: 322 feet
Right-Center: 391 feet (was 402 feet)
Center Field: 396 feet
Left-Center: 390 feet (was 402 feet)
Left Field: 336 feet

In addition, the right field wall will be lowered to match the height of the eight-foot
wall in left and center.

Stingy San Diego
In 2012, Petco Park yielded just 109 home runs and only 100 in 2011. That’s an average of 1.3 home runs per game, one of the lowest in baseball.

According to, Petco is categorized as a “extreme pitcher-friendly park,” allowing only 78% of the homeruns an average park yields. It had Petco ranked among the 4 prudest in the country.

Padres management acknowledges the stadium is still a pitchers ballpark, even with the shorter field dimensions. But these moves help to normalize any major advantage between pitcher and hitter.

Photos of the new stadium walls

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Petco Park for 2013
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New walls
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Graphic of new dimensions

A pleasant consequence of realigning the fences in 2013: the shameful placement of the visitor’s bullpen has been corrected. Padres fans no longer need to be embarrassed.

Just how much will the juiced-up wall dimensions “make it rain” this year? Only time will tell. For comparison, the New York Mets trimmed the fences at Citi Field by a similar distance. After that season, the average number of homers increase from 1.3 to 1.9 per game!

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