Kids, Babies and Family Activities at Petco Park

Family BaseballKids will always love baseball. And there may be cheaper places to go, there may be places with less beer advertisements, but there is no better family activity in San Diego than a day a Petco Park. Here are some tips on kids activities and information for families with babies attending Padres games at Petco.

  • Admission is free for children as long as they measure under 3 feet (36 inches) tall and are accompanied by an adult. Note: Children admitted free cannot occupy a seat. They must sit on the lap of their parent (beer-belly permitting).
  • Baby changing stations can be found in every women’s restroom (AND men’s restroom) throughout Petco Park
  • Nursing can be tricky in such a distracting venue as a baseball stadium. Be sure to visit the new Nursing Lounge in Suite 32 on the Toyota Terrace for some extra privacy.
  • Security wristbands Go to guest services and get a wristband for your kid which contains seat locator information that can help if he or she gets lost
  • Strollers are permitted but please keep them out of the way of other fans. Strollers can not inhibit the enjoyment or passage of other guests. Strollers can be checked at Guest Services Centers – there is one on every level of Petco Park. See what else you are allowed to bring
  • For the most fun and the least hassle, try the Park at the Park / renamed “Gallagher Square”. Fresh air, green grass, all the sounds and smells of the game, and a huge TV screen to watch while your kids run and play in the sun. Facilities include a picnic area, playground and even a kid-sized baseball field. Best of all: admission to watch a game from the Park is cheap. Admission ranges from $10-17 per head, depending on some awesomeness algorithm determined by the box office.
  • Keep an eye out for Padres KidsFest on Sundays all season long.

What To Eat

Kid-friendly food for your child or toddler at the ballpark:
  • A Lil’ Slugger hot dog kids meal, which comes with fruit, cookie and a drink, available at most Ballpark Eats
  • Slice of pizza from Buona Forchetta or Pizza Port
  • Dippin’ Dots or ice cream in a classic helmet
  • View all concessions
  • Your best bet may be to bring your own snacks from home
Petco Park loves kids and kids love Petco Park. So come enjoy the day to the fullest.

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