What is Taco Tuesday at Petco Park?

Taco Tuesday at Petco ParkSave the hot dogs for Wrigley Field. On Tuesdays at Petco Park in San Diego, its all about Tacos! Come enjoy baseball on Taco Tuesdays!

What is Taco Tuesday?

For centuries in San Diego, there has been a natural gravity toward the enjoyment tacos on the 2nd day of the work week, Tuesday. For starters, both the words start with the same letter, a “T”, which create a delightful alliteration. You may have even just said it right now in your head. This was a union predestined to thrive in San Diego because we are usually already eating tacos anyway, frequently, on any given day of the week in fact. So participation in Taco Tuesday events was a huge success with widespread adaption before it even began.

Padres Taco Tueday

At Petco Park, Taco Tuesday means something special. It means:
  • Discounted tacos (2 for $5)
  • Drink Specials
  • Baseball
  • Sunshine

    Taco Tuesdays at Petco Park in 2021Taco Tuesday is not a set promotion this season although it pops up from time to time. Check the calendar of Padres giveaways and promotions for dates.

    The Taco Lineup
    Here’s the local San Diego taco vendors who are participating and where to find them (from 2020):
    Seaside Market – Section 105
    Carnitas Snack Shack – Sections 128 or 228
    Blue Water Seafood – Section 117
    Barrio Dogg
    Grand Ole BBQ

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