Bringing Your Baby To Petco Park

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This is a subset of our Kids & Family Guide, which has a lot of useful information and is worth checking out. This guide is devoted specifically to parents bringing a baby to a San Diego Padres game.

Babies Enter Free

That’s right, admission to San Diego Padres games is free for babies, as long as they are accompanied by an adult (haha!). Note: Babies cannot occupy a seat.

Baby changing stations

Changing stations can be found in every women’s restroom (AND men’s restroom) throughout Petco Park. Special Family Restrooms can also be found near sections 109, 202, 219, 310, and 311.


Nursing can be tricky in such a distracting venue as a baseball stadium. Be sure to visit the Padres new Nursing Lounge in Suite 32 on the Toyota Terrace for some extra privacy.


Strollers are permitted but please keep them out of the way of other fans. Strollers can not inhibit the enjoyment or passage of other guests. Strollers can be checked at Guest Services Centers – there is one on every level of Petco Park.

Where To Sit With A Baby

For the most fun and the least hassle, try the Park at the Park / renamed “Gallagher Square”. Picnic-style lawn seating. Lots of space to spread out. A huge TV screen to dfollow the action. Let’s be honest, lasting nine innings is a long shot so its nice that admission to watch a game from the Park is cheap.

Diaper Bags

Yes you can bring a diaper bag. Please read the bag limits to confirm. Your diaper back will be searched and can only contain infant-related supplies.

Don’t forget ear protection, sunscreen, See what else you are allowed to bring.

Padres Baby Gifts Merchandise

Buy up some goodies in advance. Shop now!

One More Thing

Make sure your baby… wants to come. Baseball games are loud, long, germy, complicated events. The weather is sometimes very hot and sunny, sometimes pretty chilly. There are lots of people drinking, there are passionate jocks, people in a hurry, really all kinds when you are talking about a crowd of 40,000. There’s lots of cement, projectiles, giant foam hands and even the occasional pyrotechnics. No judgement intended at all, lots of babies like to go to baseball stadiums. Most, in fact. Just double-check yours is one of them and have a backup plan ready if they are understandably not.

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