The Complete Game: Nine Must-Drink Beers at Petco Park

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Don’t be a kook. Know your local brews. Here’s the nine best beers to drink at Petco Park, in no particular order:

9 Best Beers At Petco Park

  1. Swinging Friar Ale (Ballast Point) – 5.5% ABV
    Lemon-peachy with a biscuity malt backbone and crisp finish. The pride of San Diego.
  2. Weekend Vibes IPA (Coronado Brewing Company) – 7.0% ABV
    Brewed across the bridge, hoppy and hazy and named for a local inlet
  3. Duet (Alpine Beer Company) – 7.0% ABV
    West Coast-style IPA is a piney, citrusy brew with balanced hop flavors, offering complexity in a simple and delicious package.
  4. Boat Shoes Hazy IPA (Karl Strauss) – 7.2% ABV
    Unfiltered, citrusy-sweet and heavily hopped, from the grandfather of the local beer scene..
  5. Hesher (Hodad’s) – 6.2% ABV
    Award-winning double dry hopped Hazy IPA
  6. Mongo (Pizza Port) – 8.0% ABV
    Massive wave of flavor inside this double IPA with citrus, hops and a bitter piney finish.
  7. Any Mexican beer or attempted facsimile. Pacifico or whatever. When in SD you tip your cap to our neighbors to the south.
  8. Speedboat Salt & Lime Blonde (Ballast Point) – 4.8% ABV
    Lightly hopped with citrusy, floral noble hops and finished off with a touch of salt and lime. Again, this ain’t Yankee Stadium. It’s San Diego.
  9. San Diego Pale Ale .394 (AleSmith) – 6.0% ABV
    The most popular beer at Petco Park without question. Made by local brewer AleSmith in honor of one of the San Diego Padres’ all time greats, Tony Gwynn. The beer borrows its name from the Hall-of-Fame legend’s highest batting average achieved, .394 in the Padres 1994 season, and its profile from his desire for a beer that is “light with a kick”. The result is a deliciously drinkable golden Pale Ale with light bitterness, accentuated hoppiness and a malty sweet finish. And a portion of proceeds go to the Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation (TAG). A definite must-try at Petco Park.

    Also try the alternate Hazy .394, a variation with a more intense, tropical hop aroma, fuller-bodied pour and a smooth, creamy finish.

    If you are looking for .394, try Club .394 at Section 217, Board & Brew (205), Lexus Home Plate Club Bar, any of the Craft Beers of San Diego locations, or in a bottle at Seaside Market (105).

Note: Petco Park stops serving alcohol after the first out of the 8th inning stretch. You are not really supposed to drink nine beers in one sitting. Please do not try this, in public or at home.

Read the complete beer guide for how to celebrate a San Diego Padres win / endure a San Diego Padres loss. San Diego has one of the strongest lineup of breweries in the nation and a deep bullpen. Petco Park makes their presence known and puts a nice local stamp on the distinct experience of watching a baseball game in San Diego, California.

Note: Do not drive if you plan on drinking. Don’t be the dumbest person in an entire stadium. Show gratitude to your Designated Driver, or get an Uber or take the trolley and sit there quietly until you are safe at home. Otherwise please stick to non-alcoholic beer.

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