Padres Spring Training Guide

[Please see updates on postponements and cancellations.]

Padres Spring Training takes place in February and March 2020 at small ballparks in Arizona. No Spring Training games are held at Petco Park but we provide this valuable guide because it seems important for any Petco Park Insider to know. There is something magical about watching Spring Training. It seems to distill baseball down to its purest essentials.

Padres Spring Training Tickets

The San Diego Padres play their “home” Spring Training games at the Peoria Sports Complex at 16101 N. 83rd Avenue in Peoria AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. The venue has a capacity of approximately 12,300. They share the stadium with the Seattle Mariners. The Padres also play “away” games in Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Goodyear and Surprise. None is too far a drive from eachother. Get your tickets here!

The Padres are part of the Cactus League, comprised of the 15 American League and National League teams who prepare in Arizona for the MLB season. The experience is an easy road-trip or quick flight away. Once there, Lyft is a great way to get to stadiums. Especially if you are drinking.

2020 Schedule

The 2020 Spring Training schedule begins February 22.
Padres pitchers and catchers report a couple weeks prior on February 10.

Saturday, February 22 Seattle Mariners (Peoria, AZ)
Sunday, February 23 at Milwaukee Brewers (Phoenix, AZ)
Monday, February 24 at Kansas City Royals (Surprise, AZ)
Tuesday, February 25 Oakland Athletics (Peoria, AZ)
Wednesday, February 26 Cleveland Indians (Peoria, AZ)
Thursday, February 27 at Los Angeles Angels (Tempe, AZ)
Friday, February 28 Chicago Cubs (Peoria, AZ)
Saturday, February 29 at Cincinnati Reds (Goodyear, AZ)
Sunday, March 1 San Francisco Giants (Peoria, AZ)
Monday, March 2 Chicago White Sox (Peoria, AZ)
Tuesday, March 3 Milwaukee Brewers (Peoria, AZ)
Wednesday, March 4 Kansas City Royals (Peoria, AZ)
Thursday, March 5 at Seattle Mariners (Peoria, AZ)
Friday, March 6 Texas Rangers (Peoria, AZ)
Saturday, March 7 Arizona Diamondbacks (Scottsdale, AZ)
Sunday, March 8 Chicago White Sox (Peoria, AZ)
Monday, March 9 Los Angeles Dodgers (Peoria, AZ)
Wednesday, March 11 at Chicago Cubs (Mesa, AZ)
Wednesday, March 11 Seattle Mariners (Peoria, AZ)
Thursday, March 12 at Cleveland Indians (Goodyear, AZ)
Friday, March 13 at Colorado Rockies (Scottsale, AZ)
Saturday, March 14 Arizona Diamondbacks (Peoria, AZ)
Sunday, March 15 at Oakland A’s (Mesa, AZ)
Monday, March 16 Los Angeles Angels (Peoria, AZ)
Wednesday, March 18 at Los Angeles Dodgers (Phoenix, AZ)
Wednesday, March 18 Cincinnati Reds (Peoria, AZ)
Thursday, March 19 at Texas Rangers (Surprise, AZ)
Friday March 20 at San Francisco Giants (Scottsdale, AZ)
Saturday, March 21 Colorado Rockies (Peoria, AZ)
Sunday, March 22 at Seattle Mariners (Peoria, AZ)
Monday March 23 at Chicago Cubs (Mesa, AZ)

Spring Training is a great way to meet baseball players as well — both on the field and off. Keep your eyes peeled in your downtime around town.

Spring Training Weather

Be mindful of desert weather, which means: lots of sun, and often hotter and colder than you might expect. Bring layers, hats, sunscreen. And stay hydrated. In between the incredible craft beer selections and delicious food, be sure to drink that water!

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