Padres CocktailFest - July 2022

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Cocktail festival at Petco ParkDestiny has a way of pairing baseball with intoxicating fluids. Whether it is the tobacco-charged saliva of the olden days, the ceremoniously overpriced plastic cup of American swill, or now this… the San Diego Padres CocktailFest pre-game happy hours.

What is Padres CocktailFest

The boozy gem of the San Diego Padres’ “Party In The Park” series, what’s being called the Biggest Happy Hour In San Diego. So picture your regular happy hour and stadium-size it. CocktailFest takes place in Petco Park’s Gallagher Square starting at 4:30 before the game until 6:30, just before the first pitch.

CocktailFest Tickets

CocktailFest 2022 admission is included with your San Diego Padres game ticket. There are two dates this year:

How It Works

Purchase Cutwater cans for $5, mixed cocktails for $10. There are booths specifically dedicated to Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka and Aperol cocktails. How it works? Empty into mouth, forget problems, enjoy game, subliminally choose to fly Southwest at a later date.

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