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Cutwater Spirits is a beloved local brand that you will encounter throughout Petco Park. They are the sponsor of the Coronado Club, The Still lounge on the Terrace level 3rd baseline, and the Cutwater Sprits Rum Bar on Field level. (View all concessions.) And their canned cocktails are available all over.

Based in San Diego, proudly local Cutwater Spirits is “the most awarded canned cocktail brand in the country.” Each one of their lineup of delicious canned alcoholic beverages is a must-try (although please not all in one sitting).

Cutwater Padres Tequila Paloma

New for 2022, the Cutwater Padres Tequila Paloma is a smooth tequila with a splash of sparkling grapefruit soda. Petco Park is one of the few places to find one.

Cutwater Spirits began as a side project under the almighty Ballast Point Brewing but was spun off and eventually purchased by the almightier Anheuser-Busch. Founder Yuseff Cherney has said he began making canned cocktails to make drinks more accessible while out and about, fishing and hiking.

The crossover then to sports stadiums was a perfect fit.

Best Cutwater Spirits Cocktails

Here is the complete lineup as of 2021:
  • Cucumber Vodka Soda 
  • Elderflower Vodka Spritz 
  • Gin & Tonic 
  • Grapefruit Vodka Soda 
  • Horchata Cold Brew 
  • Lime Vodka Soda 
  • Long Island Iced Tea 
  • Mango Margarita 
  • Mild Bloody Mary 
  • Orange Vodka Smash 
  • Peach Margarita 
  • Piña Colada 
  • Rum & Cola 
  • Rum & Ginger 
  • Rum Mint Mojito 
  • Spicy Bloody Mary 
  • Strawberry Margarita 
  • Tequila Margarita 
  • Tequila Paloma
  • Tequila Soda  
  • Tiki Rum Mai Tai 
  • Vodka Mule 
  • Vodka Transfusion 
  • Whiskey Mule 
  • White Russian 

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