Is the Holiday Market worth it?

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Listen, times are tough this year. The holidays are especially tricky – do you save, do you splurge? For many in San Diego with large families, the admission prices to the 2022 Holiday Market won’t make anyone’s list of cheap things to do in December. Factor in the fees, parking, and costs once you arrive, the question that many want to know is is it worth it?

Is Petco Park Holiday Market Worth It?

The reality is, this question can only be answered by you. Everyone’s sense of value is subjective. Especially when talking about abstract concepts like memories and “Christmas Spirit.” There is no absolute answer whether it is an affordable thing to do for the holidays.

What we can attempt to do is provide some details, reviews and videos to at least remove any surprise from what you are getting for your money. This should make it easier to balance that against the cost.

Helpful tip: Look for newer reviews. Each year the Holiday Market at Petco Park runs a little more smoothly and the lights shine a little brighter.

Holiday Market Reviews

As of right now, there is nothing on Yelp. Maybe you can be the first?

A site where there is never a shortage of opinions, one Redditor asks flat out: Holiday Market at Petco Park – worth it?

Le Travel Style
The Holiday Market was included in last December’s list of Ultimate San Diego Christmas Activities here

If your brain is only able to process information through Fox News, here is the link for you.

Video Reviews

Updated for 2022. Video reviews provide more than one person’s opinion. They give you the chance to see the value of the event for yourself and make your own judgment. For added perspective to the reviews, you can view the other viewers comments.

Chris Gault shares his experience in Gallagher Square at the Holiday Market at Petco Park. “It was a lot of fun!”

San Diego Union Tribune’s Annie Heilbrunn also took a stroll through the winter wonderland last year (2021)

Jaycation visited in 2022 and said it makes you feel like you’re at a European Christmas Market. “Brings me back to the traditional christmas markets in Germany!”

Bottom Line: Yes

If you are still on the fence, our recommendation is to give it a try. It’s pretty fun to get downtown during the festive holiday season. Petco Park is an amazing place. The Christmas light displays are spectacular. The food is unique. The shopping is fun. Families, if you have kids, they will love it. Out-of-town guests are always looking for something to do to celebrate Christmas in San Diego. It’s also great for date night. And while the cost is more than a few pennies, you do get a lot to explore in return.

If you don’t have a great time, you don’t have to go back. But most people seem to really enjoy it and look forward to returning again.

View the Holiday Market Map. Read our complete guide to the 2022 Holiday Market at Petco Park.

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