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What is the Park at the Park?

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Padres Park inside Petco ParkLike the Western Metal Building, the Park at the Park is one of the creative quirks that makes visiting Petco Park in San Diego a unique experience.

Located outside the outfield wall but inside the park gates (so ou will need a ticket on game days), the Park at the Park is approximately 2.7 acre park. The Park at the Park contains a little league infield, trees, and lots of area to sprawl out to picnic and play. On Padres game days, the Park at the Park opens up 2 1/2 hours before the first pitch. Tickets for admission is only $5 ranges from $10 to $19, still a great bargain for families!

When games are not going on, the Park at the Park is free and open to the public and enjoyed as a local neighborhood park in downtown San Diego.

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