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Stadium Information - Padres FAQ

Getting there
  • Can I take the Water Taxi to Padres Games?
  • How do I take the trolley?
  • Can I take the ferry from Coronado?
  • What's the closest bus top to Petco?
  • Where can I find all my public transportation options?
  • Is there Handicapped Parking Near Petco Park?
  • Do I have to pay for parking meters?
  • Where can I park my bicycle?
  • What concessions are at the park?
  • Where is Hodad's?
  • What is the best food at Petco Park?
  • Are there Gluten-Free alternatives?
  • Where is the best place to sit at Petco Park?
  • Are the seats bigger than at Qualcomm?
  • What is Toyota Terrace?
  • What is the Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Deck?
  • What is the Park at the Park?
  • Is there free WiFi at Petco Park?
  • What credit cards are accepted at Petco Park?
  • Are there ATMs in the stadium?
  • What is 'The Beach'?
  • What is "Controversy Corner"?
    Park rules
  • What can I bring to Petco Park?
  • Are dogs allowed at Petco Park?
  • Is smoking allowed in Petco?
  • Can I bring bottled water into the Petco Park?
  • Can I bring a backpack?
  • How much did the stadium cost to build?
  • What's the weather like?
  • Are tours of Petco Park available to the public?
  • Can I get married at Petco Park?
  • Is tailgating allowed at Petco Park?
  • What station broadcast Padres games on the radio?
  • Who are the Padres announcers?
  • How can I get a message on the Padres scoreboard?
  • How can I apply to sing the national anthem?

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    What is Toyota Terrace?
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