Petco Park Concessions Guide 2016

Every year, Petco Park unveils new and tasty concessions options for Padres fan. For some, choosing what to eat is more exciting than the Padres game itself!

New for 2016: Board and Brew, Brigantine Oyster Bar, Mr. Softee, and Yogurtland

Concessions and food at Petco Park. A guide to the best peanuts, Cracker Jacks and fish tacos at San Diego’s famous ballpark to help you map out your in-game eating. For places to eat outside the stadium, view our guide to restaurants near Petco Park. If your idea of food is simply “beer,” read our Petco Park local and craft beer guide.

Overwhelmed? Here is the top ten best food to eat at Petco Park

Field Level
Pizza Port 104, 121 Pizza, garlic buddies, Pizza Port Beer as well as hot dogs, etc.
Dippin Dots 112, 119, 126, Park at the Park Flash-frozen beads of ice cream
Phil’s BBQ 113 The main spot for San Diego’s legendary barbecue with seating and bigger menu
Phil’s BBQ kiosk Park at the Park Pulled pork, trip-tip and more!
K Street Grill 131 Burgers, chicken sandwiches, beer, hot dogs
Diego Dogs 129 A variety of dogs for the tubesteak aficionado
The Patio in Left Field 128
Bay View Grill 107 Burgers, beer and carne asada fries.
Bumble Bee Poke Bar 107 Taking a wild guess there is no Poke Bar at KC Royals stadium
Bumble Bee Seafood Cart 119 Why not?
Board and Brew 109 The best sandwiches in North County San Diego come to Petco
Paradise Bowls 107 Fresh fruit, pitaya and acai bowls
Mr Softee 104, 115, 121 Soft Serve ice cream in a helmet, floats
Firehouse Subs 104 Delicious local sandwiches made by Padres fans
Mercado Food Court 108 Rubio’s fish tacos, Oggi’s Pizza and Ruby’s, Ryan Bros.
Wines at the Park 104 Sparkling, white and red wines for sale by the glass or bottle
La Cantina Bar 102 Margaritas, tequila, wine, spirits
Leinie Lodge 102 New!
The Porch 124 Beers by Pacifico
Craft Beers of San Diego 119 Local craft beer and microbrews
Randy Jones BBQ 124 Beef brisket, hot dogs and other bbq-sauced grillables
Omni Hotel Premier Club 108 Elite seating and view with buffet and full bar
Padres Mexican Cafe 121 Mexican tacos and burritos
Chocolat Gelato & Crepes 118 Decadent crepes and gelato
Bumblebee Seafood Cart 119 New! Tuna melts, seafood salad
Hodad’s Mercado, 131 Hamburgers from famous San Diego institution
Baked Bear 104 Local ice cream sandwich heaven
Cardiff’s Seaside Market 107 Famous BBQ tri-tip, hot bar + health options. Flatbreads, salads, fresh fruit, fresh juices, wine and craft beer
Ryan Bros. Coffee 104, 117 Local, family-owned coffee, tea and more
Bayview Grill 107 Wraps, burgers, grilled tuna sandwiches, veggie burgers
Toyota Terrace (Second level)
Friar Franks 233 Hot dogs, beer, soft drinks, nachos, pretzels
Terrace Cafe 206, 215 Wraps, burgers, grilled tuna sandwiches, veggie burgers
The Patio in Left Field 228
Board and Brew 207 Incredible sandwiches
The Draft by Ballast Point 207 Food, Ballast Point’s full lineup, outdoor seating
Craft Beers of San Diego 213 Local beer selection
Pizza Port 213 Pizza, Pizza Port Beer, Garlic Beer Buddies — no breath mints though!
Mr Softee 215 East-coast ice cream, floats and more
Budweiser Patio 227 Baseball’s original King of Beers will not die without a fight!
The Pier / El Pueblo 222 Local Mexican cantina
Club 19 217 Finer ballpark dining, no view of the field
Brigantine Seafood & Oyster Bar 206 Fresh fish at a ballpark? Only in San Diego!
Pizza Port 213 Local pizza and beer + ballpark favorites like hot dogs
Ryan Bros. Coffee 226 Coffee, tea and specialty drinks
Coronado’s Bar 202 Beer, wine and liquor
Budweiser Patio 227 The king of beers, ensuring plenty of long lines in the right field bathroom.
Lucha Libre 211 Mexican burritos, cervezas y mas!
Zenbu Sushi Bar 224 Sushi at a baseball game? Why not!
Upper Deck
Bayview Grill 323 Wraps, burgers, grilled tuna sandwiches, veggie burgers
Hodad’s 300, 306 Hamburgers from famous San Diego institution
Dippin Dots 320 Flash-frozen beads of ice cream
Friar Franks 315, 326 Hot dogs, nachos, soft drinks, beer, ballpark food
Pizza Port 311 Local favorite for pizza and beer
Randy Jones BBQ 304, 309, 320 Beef brisket, hot dogs and other bbq-sauced grillables
Craft Beers of San Diego 301 San Diego craft beer and microbrews
Padres Mexican Cafe 319 Churros, tacos and other Mexican ballpark favorites
Mr Softee 311, 320 Soft Serve ice cream, floats and more
Stone Brewing Company 309 Local beer, hemp seed pretzels
Western Metal Building
Hall of Fame Bar and Grill Western Metal Supply Co. Buffet (menu changes daily), full bar
Rimels Rotisserie Rooftop Mahi Mahi tacos, surfer burritos, rotisserie chicken

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