Padres Giveaways and Promotions This Month - 2016 Season

Sunshine, gorgeous views and championship-caliber baseball isn’t enough for you? Ok fine. How about free stuff? Take advantage of upcoming promotional giveaways, freebies, theme nights and special events at San Diego Padres baseball games this month.

August 2016 Promotions

What’s brewing at Petco Park in August? Craft Beer of course, always. And a visit from the Milwaukee Brewers. Come see all the Wisconsin transplants brave the San Diego sun. Tuesday August 2 is Taco Tuesday.

CocktailFest is back Friday August 5, followed by a sobering matchup with the Philadelphia Phillies. Those who make it to the end can enjoy fireworks!

Please take public transportation or an Uber (Never used Uber before? Here’s a voucher for a free ride)

Saturday, August 6 is an early evening game, Padres first pitch at 5:40, to accommodate a special Movie On The Field, Space Jam. Get ready to jam. Also the giveaway is a nice Padres Throwback Replica Jersey presented By Fanatics. Sunday its Kidsfest and a Military Salute to our U.S. Navy presented By USAA

The snakes of Arizona slither in (or ride in an air-conditioned first class bus) just in time for Padres WineFest, Friday August 19. Fans choice on Saturday August 20, a free San Diego Padres Lunch Bag or Bottle Holder. Are you hungry or thirsty? Sunday, more snakes, more kids, more military.

It’s Monday August 22, Taco Tuesday August 23, and Wednesday August 24 that we have circled on our calendar. The Padres face the Chicago Cubs and at least one of those teams is heading to the playoffs!

Buy tickets.

September 2016 Promotions

Friday, September 9 is the season’s final BeerFest against the Colorado Rockies, from the home of the refreshing rocky mountain spring water that powers flavorful Coors beer.

Don’t think you will show up on Saturday, September 10, and not receive a SD USB Charger from T-Mobile because you will.

The Arizona Diamondbacks make that beautiful drive through the desert for Taco Tuesday, September 20. Worth it.

Saturday, September 24, the Giants come to town which is as close as the Padres are getting to the World Series this year. LET. THERE. BE. FIREWORKS.

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Theme Games

5/2 – French Heritage Night
5/6 – Teacher Appreciation Day
5/6 – USD Night
5/6 – Nurses Night
5/8 – Mother’s Day
5/19 – Class of 2016 Night
6/2 – Italian Heritage Night
6/3 – UC San Diego Night
6/6 – Portuguese Heritage Night
6/7 – Zombie Day
6/13 – Filipino Heritage Night
6/17 – USC and UCLA Rivalry Night
6/18 – Irish Heritage Night
6/19 – Father’s Day
7/15 – Ghostbusters Day
7/15 – Team USA Day
7/29 – Game of Thrones Day
8/1 – Japanese Heritage Night
8/6 – Movie on the Field
8/7 – Naval Academy Day
8/18 – Superhero Day
8/22 – Polish Heritage Night
9/7 – PCL 80th Anniversary Celebration
9/8 – STAR WARS® Day
9/9 – Nurses Night
9/10 – Pacific Islander Heritage Night
9/23 – Native American Heritage Night
9/23 – Teacher Appreciation Day
9/29 – Oktoberfest

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