Padres Giveaways and Promotions for May 2016

The season is almost here. Take advantage of the promotional schedule of upcoming giveaways, free stuff and special events at San Diego Padres baseball games for the month of May 2016.

May Promotions

It’s always a fiesta when the New York Mets come to town and Thursday, May 5, is no exception. It’s Cinco de Mayo in Park at the Park. AND College Night—a combo-promotion that may discourage as many fans as it will attract. More boozy mayhem with the New York fans on Friday, May 6: WineFest. Come back Saturday, May 7, and get a free Padres Hoodie. And on Sunday, May 8, bring mom for Mother’s Day to close out the series. Bring the kids too, it’s KidsFest!

The San Francisco Giants are in town for Taco Tuesday, May 17, and maybe they’ll stick around for a little baseball.

Friday, May 20, the Los Angeles Dodgers come blazing down the 5 South for CocktailFest. Please make sure YOU don’t go blazing down any highways after attending. Please take public transportation or an Uber (Never used Uber before? Here’s a voucher for a free ride). You know there’s always fireworks when these two teams meet. Well maybe not always but definitely Saturday, May 21—the Padres first post-game fireworks display of the season.

Sunday, May 22, against the Dodgers, its another full day highlighted by a Military Salute, KidsFest, and a Reusable Bag Giveaway. Use that bag and then go ahead and reuse it again.

June Promotions

Thursday June 2, who let the dogs out?! It is college night. But also who let the dogs in?! Because it is Petco’s famous Dog Days of Summer. Also, Padres play the Mariners.

Sunday June 5 is Kidsfest.

Tuesday June 7 is Taco Tuesday against the Braves. Brave enough to eat a taco at a baseball stadium? Padres are also in town and feeling taco-tastic Tuesday June 14 against the fish.

Friday, June 17 is the season’s second BeerFest. Its only a few years away before it becomes Beer Stadium and a couple times a year they’ll invite the Padres to play a baseball game. Come and look cool in free Knockaround Sunglasses

Satuday, June 18 is the infamous Padres Fedora giveaway sponsored by National University. Even if the Padres don’t get past second base, there will be fireworks, fireworks, fireworks after the game.

Friday, July 1, the Yankees are coming!

Saturday, July 2, come for the Yankees, stay for the postgame laser show!

Theme Games

5/2 – French Heritage Night
5/6 – Teacher Appreciation Day
5/6 – USD Night
5/6 – Nurses Night
5/8 – Mother’s Day
5/19 – Class of 2016 Night
6/2 – Italian Heritage Night
6/3 – UC San Diego Night
6/6 – Portuguese Heritage Night
6/7 – Zombie Day
6/13 – Filipino Heritage Night
6/17 – USC and UCLA Rivalry Night
6/18 – Irish Heritage Night
6/19 – Father’s Day
7/15 – Ghostbusters Day
7/15 – Team USA Day
7/29 – Game of Thrones Day
8/1 – Japanese Heritage Night
8/6 – Movie on the Field
8/7 – Naval Academy Day
8/18 – Superhero Day
8/22 – Polish Heritage Night
9/7 – PCL 80th Anniversary Celebration
9/8 – STAR WARS® Day
9/9 – Nurses Night
9/10 – Pacific Islander Heritage Night
9/23 – Native American Heritage Night
9/23 – Teacher Appreciation Day
9/29 – Oktoberfest

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