Earth Day, Recycling, Conservation and Energy Efficiency at Petco Park

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Here to learn more about Petco Park’s standing as an Earth-friendly, environmentally forward-thinking ballpark? You’ve come to the right page. San Diegans should take a lot of pride in the investment and ongoing proactive commitment to the sustainable, eco-friendly practices at Petco Park, a pride to be shared by all Californians, Americans and really any living being on Earth.

The San Diego Padres owner and organization have taken incredible steps to do their part to preserve the quality of our environment for future generations of sports fans.

Earth Day

Earth Day is Monday, April 22, 2024. There is no home game at Petco Park on Earth Day this year. They will be on the road at Coors Field in Denver facing the Colorado Rockies. It was announced that Petco Park is the first National League stadium to be powered 100% by renewable and carbon-free electricity.

Solar Power at Petco Park

We may not have the rings, we may not have the homers, but one thing baseball fans in San Diego can boast: we’ve got the most sun. (Although statistically, the Rockies have us beat there as well).

Regardless, in 2018, the Padres rightfully celebrated the largest solar power installation in Major League Baseball at Petco Park. In fact, it was more expansive than every other solar effort in the league combined.

The new 336,520-watt solar panel system, comprised of 716 solar modules, was installed on the upper deck of Petco Park by local partner Sullivan Solar Power.

How Much Power
Providing an estimated savings of more than $4 million for the Padres organization, the panels will power the entire front office.

Fully Sustainable MLB Ballpark

Petco Park is the first fully sustainable baseball stadium in the National League.

Environmental Health Coalition

Petco Park adheres to a strict agreement with the Environmental Health Coalition, governing considerations such as air and water quality, hazardous chemicals throughout construction and operation. This, along with progressive recycling and waste management help to Petco Park is one of the greenest MLB ballparks.
  • San Diego Padres are the 2nd team in MLB to install LED sports lighting, cutting sports lighting electricity by 50%.
  • Petco Park’s recycling containers are made of recycled plastic milk jugs
  • Petco Park’s indoor plumbing are all upgraded to low-flow water saving fixtures.
  • Ecosystem chiller plant decreases water use and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 700 tons per year.
  • The Padres purchase paper products that are made with recycled material, and in the case of digital ticketing, do not require paper at all.

Pollution-Reducing Transportation
Petco Park is incredibly convenient to Padres Parkade parking structure offers electric vehicle charging. There are bike racks at the ballpark to encourage guests to ride.

Gallagher Square Renovation

A planned renovation calls for the Park at the Park grass to be replaced with artificial turf.

Read more about the San Diego Padres Environmental Sustainability Program.

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