Petco Hours - Petco Pet Store & Animal Supplies

If you are looking for the hours of Petco Pet Store, most Petco locations are open 9am to 9pm Monday through Saturday, with shorter hours on Sunday. This applies to Unleashed pet stores as well. If you have a hungry dog, cat, bird or goldfish, we recommend checking out the Petco locator as individual hours do vary from location to location:

Petco Pet Store acquired the naming rights for the then-brand-new Padres stadium in 2004. Petco pays $2.7 million per year to have the San Diego Padres play in “Petco Park” through 2026. When the contract comes up for renewal, Petco will have paid more than $60 million for the high-profile branding placement. That’s a lotta dog food!

Are you are looking for the hours at Petco Park: Padres Stadium & Box Office Hours

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