23 San Diego Padres Twitter Accounts To Follow in 2023

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Keep up with the latest and greatest essential Padres information, perspectives and breaking Padres baseball news on Twitter. Here is the ultimate list of some of the best San Diego Padres tweeters for local fans to follow, updated for the 2023 season, listed in no particular order.
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  1. @Padres – Official Twitter of the San Diego Padres, 631K followers
  2. @nationpadres – Padres news, analysis, and insight, 10K
  3. @annieheilbrunn – Padres sideline reporter, 26K
  4. @ErikGreupner – Padres CEO, 10K
  5. @GaslampBall – Great diehard Padres fan and blogger, 10K
  6. @MadFriars – Covering Padres’ minor league system since 2003, 8K
  7. @DancingFriar – that dancing fool in Right Field, 1K
  8. @sdutSanders – Padres beat for the SD Union-Tribune , 11K
  9. @heyscan – Bob Scanlan Fox Sports Field Reporter, 27K
  10. @AJCassavellMLB.com vet, 33K
  11. @TonyGwynnjr – Padres Radio Broadcaster & Host of Padres POV, 32K
  12. @DennisTLin – Padres reporter, 36K
  13. @sdutKevinAcee – Kevin Acee, 61K
  14. @Mudcat55 – Mark “Mud” Grant, 45K, and…
  15. @DonOrsillo, 512K – Beloved Padres (TV announcers)
  16. @PadresRadio – Padres Radio, 7K
  17. @ChangeThePadres – Co-host of Gwynntelligence Podcast., 4K
  18. @friarhood – Interactive community for Padres fans, 10K
  19. @NeilTheBeerman – official beerman of San Diego Padres fans, 1K
  20. @FriarPhilSD – Diehard San Diego Padres fan, 3K
  21. @PadresHaiku – Padres tweets in haiku form? Why?, 1K
  22. @PadresOTD – Padres history, one day at a time, 5K

Bonus: Your old pal @PetcoParkSD

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