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San Diego Wave FC is a recently established expansion team of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), having commenced its inaugural season in 2022. The team proudly represents San Diego, California, under the ownership of Ron Burkle.

San Diego Wave play their home games at Snapdragon Stadium with a formidable roster of players including Jill Ellis, Casey Stoney, Molly Downtain, Alex Morgan, Abby Dahlkemper, Naomi Girma, and others showcase a remarkable blend of experience, dedication to excellence, and leadership.

Home Game Schedule

The San Diego Wave 2023 season runs through October. The following are home matches played at Snapdragon Stadium:

Saturday, August 5, 4:30PM
San Diego Wave FC vs Angel City FC
Snapdragon Stadium, San Diego, CA

Saturday, August 19, 7PM
San Diego Wave FC vs NY/NJ Gotham FC
Snapdragon Stadium, San Diego, CA
Sunday, September 3, 5PM
San Diego Wave FC vs Houston Dash
Snapdragon Stadium, San Diego, CA

Saturday, September 16, 7PM
San Diego Wave FC vs Kansas City Current
Snapdragon Stadium, San Diego, CA

Sunday, October 15, 2PM
San Diego Wave FC vs Racing Louisville
Snapdragon Stadium, San Diego, CA


Read our guide about getting tickets to San Diego Wave games. You can also take a look at what’s available on secondary markets. (You should check here too).

Bringing Kids and Babies

Wave games are family friendly!

Watch On TV

What channel are San Diego Wave games broadcast on tv? Most games are available live on Paramount+. Check local listings as well.

The Cove

The Cove refers to the supporter section behind the goal on the North side of the pitch, sections 136-140. Read more about sections at Snapdragon. The Cove is the source of stadium chants, drum beats, and the highest concentration of hardcore San Diego Sirens.

San Diego Sirens

The Sirens are the biggest independent San Diego Wave’s supporter group / fan club. In their own words, “bubble-blowing, drum-beating, cheer-happy group of folks who provide the electric, energetic soundtrack and experience you have at every home match.” Visit the Sirens homepage for more.


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San Diego Wave FC logoThe San Diego Wave FC logo was designed by Matthew Wolff in collaboration with Marcy Avenue (agency), Jeremy Nelson (typography, design). The Wave logo is a crest, encased in a shield, is a symbol of strength. A powerful wave, cresting in the rich blues of the Pacific Ocean, sits front and center as the iconic mark of the San Diego Wave soccer team. And under the San Diego banner are the vivid colors of the horizon, celebrating the beauty, fun, and vibrant culture of the city and its people.”

NWSL Game Rules

NWSL games are comprised of two 45 minute halves. Unlike most American sports, the clock counts up, not down. The ref will add on a few minutes of extra time (“stoppage time”) at the end to ensure a full 45 minutes of play has occurred in each half. Halftime lasts 15 minutes.

There are currently 12 teams in the NWSL, and the top six qualify for the playoffs. The league will expand to 14 teams in 2024, adding Bay FC (San Jose, CA) and Utah Royals FC (Sandy, Utah).

San Diego Wave 2023 Roster

The Wave FC boasts an exceptional team, brimming with talent and depth. Here is a refined list of their players, categorized by position:

Kailen Sheridan

Abby Dahlkemper
Naomi Girma
Christen Westphal

Belle Briede
Taylor Kornieck
Kristen McNabb

Alex Morgan
Amirah Ali
Sofia Jakobsson

Please note that the aforementioned lineup represents only the starting roster. The Wave FC possesses a deep bench comprising talented players, allowing for strategic rotations based on game situations.

Kailen Sheridan: Widely regarded as one of the world’s top goalkeepers, Sheridan is recognized for her exceptional athleticism, lightning-fast reflexes, and ability to make crucial saves.

Abby Dahlkemper: A decorated player, Dahlkemper holds the distinction of being a World Cup champion and a two-time NWSL Best XI defender. She combines physicality with superb distribution skills, making her a formidable presence in the team’s defense.

Naomi Girma: Despite her youth, Girma has rapidly emerged as a standout performer in the NWSL. As a defender, she possesses remarkable strength, speed, and aerial ability, establishing herself as one of the league’s finest.

Christen Westphal: Renowned for her versatility, Westphal showcases her skills across various midfield positions. With adept passing, dribbling, and ball-winning capabilities, she consistently contributes to the team’s success.

Taylor Kornieck: A dynamic midfielder, Kornieck’s notable attributes include her blistering speed and exceptional playmaking ability. Additionally, she exhibits proficiency in finishing chances when they arise.

Kristen McNabb: McNabb’s physicality and tenacity make her an invaluable asset in midfield. Her expertise lies in reclaiming possession and distributing the ball effectively, initiating attacks for her team.

Alex Morgan: Undeniably one of the world’s premier players, Morgan possesses an illustrious record that includes winning the World Cup and securing two Olympic gold medals. With a natural knack for scoring and setting up opportunities for her teammates, she continuously proves her worth on the field.

Amirah Ali: Noted for her remarkable speed and skillful dribbling, Ali excels as a talented forward. Furthermore, her proficiency in finishing plays enhances the team’s attacking prowess.

Sofia Jakobsson: A valuable addition to the Wave FC’s attacking force, Jakobsson hails from Sweden and is celebrated for her speed and goal-scoring ability.

The Wave FC roster is a force to be reckoned with in the league.

World Cup Players on San Diego Wave Players on the Wave roster who play for the USA Women’s National Team / Olympic Team include: Alex Morgan, Sofia Jakobsson, Emily van Egmond, Kyra Carusa, Naomi Girma and Kailen Sheridan.

Read more about the players here.

Coach – In 2023, the head coach of the San Diego Wave soccer team is Casey Stoney. Coach Casey Stoney, former captain of England’s women’s soccer team, was named the head coach of the San Diego Wave Fútbol Club in July 2021. Before joining the club, she managed Manchester United Women and achieved success with 52 wins in 77 matches and a promotion title. Stoney had an illustrious playing career, representing England in international competitions and playing for clubs like Chelsea Ladies and Arsenal Ladies. She is known for her coaching style that empowers players and creates a supportive environment. Coach Stoney lives San Diego with her wife Megan and their three children. Read full bio.

SD Wave Resources

Five Tips For Attending San Diego Wave FC Soccer Games

  • Get there early. Parking fills up. The store and concession stands are packed. Come and get settled.
  • Be ready for the sun. During day games and late afternoon matches, depending on the section and the weather, you can get cooked. Shade is hard to come by. Bring a hat and sunglasses and drink a lot of water. Take special care with the little ones.
  • Be nice. You know that person who sat near you that time and ruined the game for everyone? Don’t be that person.
  • Cheer loudly. The stadium is not that big, the women can hear you!
  • Exit with patience. Can it be brutal? Yes. Are we exaggerating? No. Just have a plan… leave a little early, use public transportation, or prepare for a slow egress.

Just announced: 2023 NWSL Championship will be held at Snapdragon in November!

Make the most of events and games at San Diego's Snapdragon Stadium. Please contact us about info posted on this website.

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