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Every seat in Petco Park provides a slightly different view. We’ve got a lot to say about the Petco Park experience – click around – but we also keep an ear out for other people’s opinions.

San Diego’s Petco Park is the best ballpark in baseball

USA Today ranked all 30 MLB stadiums and guess who came out on top: 1. Petco Park is simply the best place to watch a baseball game. The location (embedded in downtown San Diego), the weather, the food, the beer and, of course, the stadium itself — it’s all phenomenal. Petco Park often doesn’t get the credit it deserves when compared to the Fenways and Wrigleys of the baseball world. But don’t listen to those people. Petco Park is the best stadium in baseball.

How Is The Food

The tastemakers at Thrillist evaluated the same ballparks through their foodie lens: Every Stadium in MLB, Ranked by Its Best Food.

Here, Seattle Mariners took the top honors, but Petco Park made the top 5. The article praises the quality of Mexican cuisine, “some of the best Mexican food in professional sports” but seems to overlook the breadth and depth of its incredible food and drink selection.

More Petco Park Reviews

Here are some of the best places to gather Petco Park reviews and outsider commentary on what to expect when watching a game at San Diego Padres ballpark.

Fan Reviews

  • There are over 4,000 reviews from tourists and locals on TripAdvisor
  • Good ol’ Yelp brings the noise as well.
  • Stadium Journey
  • GoldStar

    Seating Reviews

  • RateYourSeats
  • A View From My Seat
  • Our own guide of the best places to sit

    Expert Reviews

  • It’s always sunny at Petco Park according to Bleacher Report
  • Even if you don’t like baseball, you’ll like hanging out at the home of the Padres, says Conde Nast Traveller

    Employee Reviews

  • Indeed and GlassDoor post reviews of what its like to work at Petco Park.

    And of course, there’s never a shortage of opinions on Twitter.

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