Ballpark Facts

Everything you ever wanted to know about Petco Park but were afraid to ask... its all here. The history, milestones, records and facts. There's nothing trivial about it. Be a true fan and earn some respect for knowing your ballpark basics inside and out.

What is "Controversy Corner"?

Controversy Corner describes one of the old-time nuances of PETCO Park

Bonds Hits #755 at Petco Park

Bucketheaded homerun phenom Barry Bonds stepped in and clobbered his record-tying 755th home run Saturday August 4.

Petco Park History - Adrian Gonzales

First in Petco history with more than one multiple home run game.

It's true: PETA placed a brick with a hidden message at San Diego's PETCO Park.

Break Open Your Cold Ones! Toast The Padres! Enjoy This Champion Organization!

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