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Ziggy Marley is coming to Petco Park

On Sunday, May 30, 2021, Ziggy Marley will perform a live concert in San Diego at Petco Park.

Padres Giveaways and Promotions - 2021 Season

A winning team is the best incentive to get fans to the ballpark, and hopefully the Padres will do their part. To sweeten the deal, here is the schedule of upcoming promotions and special events at Padres games for 2021.

Padres Coupons and Ticket Discounts - 2021

Baseball is expensive and someone has to pay. But with the proper coupons and promos, that someone doesn’t have to be you.

Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Joan Jett

Motley Crüe, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett sounds like four concerts but is in fact just one. Says band, “As soon as we get the green light we’re excited to get out and tour.”

Padres FanFest 2021 - Tickets, Date & Schedule

No official word yet whether the San Diego Padres 2021 season will kick off with Fan Fest, which traditionally has fallen on a Saturday in January.

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