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What am I allowed to bring to Petco Park?

We think you’ll find the San Diego Padres are fair and there are plenty of items allowed at Petco Park to help fans enjoy the games in a safe, comfortable way.

Gallagher Chairman's Club

Luxury club at Petco Park next to the San Diego Padres Ownership suite

Best places to sit at Petco Park

There truly is no bad section at Petco Park. It’s just a matter of what you like. Read this article to become an instant expert on the best seats to watch the Padres.

Cutwater Coronado Club

An incredible experience located on the 2nd level between 3rd base and home plate.

Gallagher Square (Park at the Park)

Referring to the grassy lawn seating area behind the outfield, the Gallagher Square (aka The Park at the Park) is one of the distinctly San Diego quirks that makes visiting Petco Park a unique experience.

Suites at Petco Park

Get the VIP treatment in luxury suites at Petco Park.

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