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Intern with the San Diego Padres - 2020 Internships

Yes a paid internship with the greatest major league baseball team in all of San Diego! Won’t that look great on your resume.

Petco Park Dimensions

Know the field dimensions at Petco Park. Find out just how far a San Diego homer travels.

Petco Park Events & Concert Calendar 2020/2021

The latest, most complete calendar of upcoming events and concerts at Petco Park in San Diego.

Petco Park Jobs in 2020 | Work for the San Diego Padres

Petco Park has a lot of great employment opportunities, with job openings ranging from ticket distribution agents to career internships.

San Diego Marathons - Petco Park

If you are looking for a landmark to serve as a starting point or finish line for a marathon in San Diego, you could do a lot worse than Petco Park.

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