Padres Schedule 2022: Is There A Game Today?

Upcoming games plus the San Diego Padres schedule for 2022 has been released.

Padres Day Games

Petco Park never shines brighter than it does during day games. Grab your tank top and some SPF and come hit the ballpark.

Padres on TV: 2021 Television Coverage

Watching baseball at Petco Park, there is no bad seat in the house. Unfortunately we are talking about your house.

Padres Spring Training Guide

Padres Spring Training takes place in February and March 2022 at small ballparks in Arizona.

Padres Opening Day 2022

The Padres opening day game at Petco Park for the 2022 season is set to be played in March against the Giants.

Padres Playoff Tickets & Postseason History

A complete history of Petco Park postseason games (where the Padres are currently 0-3) and a placeholder for the success that is on the horizon.

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