What is Baked Bear?

Baked Bear Ice Cream at Petco ParkSnacks have always been an integral part of the baseball stadium experience. Petco Park stepped up its game in this department this year with something new and sweet that perfectly complements the sunny San Diego experience: Baked Bear ice cream sandwiches.

What: Your favorite fresh baked cookie, a fresh, creamy slab of ice cream, and then another fresh baked cookie. That is the Baked Bear way.

Where: Originally? Baked Bear started at 4516 Mission Boulevard at the corner of Garnet. It’s next to the old Fatburger in Pacific Beach, just a few steps from Crystal Pier. But now at Padres games, you can find them located on field level in the Mercado Food Court near section 104.

When: At least once per game, as your dietary restrictions allow.

Who: Rob Robbins and Shane Stanger, two locals founded and own Baked Bear. They are friends who grew up together in San Diego and followed their dream all the way to success. (Success = making it to Petco Park, in our book)

Why: The weather is warm and ice cream sure sounds great. We all like cones but it takes too many licks to get to that crunchy sweetness. And cones don’t have chocolate chips. Meanwhile, we love cookies but cookies need milk. You can’t be seen munching on cookies and drinking milk at a baseball stadium. The visiting team will point and laugh at you. (No offense intended to the National Milk Council). So Baked Bear ice cream sandwiches take two great duos: ice cream + cone, and cookies + milk, and marries them into one sinfully delicious union. Baked Bear lets you choose from a variety of cookies and ice cream flavors. Give these ice cream treats a try and be sure to let us know what you think!

If you are looking for a different kind of sweet treat, try the Chocolate Buns at Din Tai Fung.

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