Padres Fireworks Schedule

Posted on 20 Feb-2015 in

Padres Fireworks NightWhether the Padres come out on top or fall short, fireworks always end the night on a high note. This season, the Padres 2015 schedule appears to include just one home game that will feature fireworks after the game. Sorry to bum you out, fellow fireworks lovers.

May 2, 2015
A Saturday evening game with a 5:40 start time against the Colorado Rockies. Here’s what’s available for tickets. Get yours now, even the bad seats are good on fireworks night! [Editor: there are no bad seats at Petco Park of course]

The fireworks show begins just a few minutes after the baseball game ends. Fans who remain to watch are free to move about the stadium and find the best seats for viewing. The fireworks display, against the beauty of the San Diego skyline, is quite a spectacle. Enjoy them!

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