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Ferry from Coronado to Petco Park

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Looking for a unique experience for Padres fans? Drive over the Coronado Bridge and take the ferry back to the park! You’ll avoid painful traffic and costly parking. Plus, you’re in a boat. The ferry is a bargain at a cost of $4.25 per passenger and is a brief yet beautiful trip across the harbor.

The ferry leaves Coronado from the Ferry Landing Marketplace every hour on the half hour (so 3:30, 4:30., 5:30 etc.) and arrives at the Broadway Pier, by the Midway and cruise ship terminal.

Coming the other direction, the ferry leaves every hour ON the hour. Extend the pleasure of a Padres game with a nice stroll through Seaport Village and celebrate the beauty of San Diego. Or if your feet are killing you, take a pedicab (those guys on bikes).

You can also try getting there by Water Taxi.

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