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Rolling Stones San Diego Concert at Petco Park

The Rolling Stones are returning to Petco Park, ten years later. The Rolling Stones 2015 tour launches in San Diego, CA in May.

Petco Park Jobs | San Diego Padres Career Opportunities

Petco Park has a lot of great employment opportunities, with job openings ranging from ticket distribution agents to career internships.

Padres Giveaways and Promotions Calendar for May & June 2015

A winning team is the best incentive to get fans to the ballpark, and hopefully the Padres will do their part. To sweeten the deal, here is the schedule of upcoming promotions and special events at Padres games for 2015.

4th Annual Sports & Entertainment Career Fair

In May, the Padres will host the 4th Annual Sports and Entertainment Career Fair at Petco Park. By all accounts, its a great way to kickstart a sports career.

Taylor Swift at Petco Park - August 2015 in San Diego

Taylor Swift is coming to Petco Park and with her arrival, so too comes a flood of questions from Taylor Swift fans. Here’s our best attempt to keep you informed on the August 29 concert at Petco Park.

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